The team behind local Kuwaiti talent "Zahed Zultan" has informed us of some fantastic news! Zahed Sultan has released the 1st modern Arabian-Gulf single to go global! What an accomplishment! Read more about it below!

Zahed Sultan announces the release of his 2nd single, "I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her" from his debut album Hi Fear, Lo Love, on the internationally acclaimed Hotel Costes 15 Compilation by Dj Stephane Pompougnac in Paris. The Hotel Costes series, since inception, has defined electronic and electro music globally and the series has gone Platinum five times and Gold 14 times!

Zahed Sultan’s single is the first Kuwaiti (and Arabian Gulf region) track to ever be signed to an internationally renowned compilation and heralds in the potential for him and other aspiring artists to champion a new sound that extrapolates on a range of cultures and creative influences.

Zahed Sultan’s success in music dates back to 2004 when world-renowned house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded Zahed 3rd place for the Involver Remix Competition. Zahed’s Remix was later signed alongside DJ Sasha to America’s no.1 TV hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Season 5, Episode #519 “4x4.”

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A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Zahed & his team from The Grapevine!! :)


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